Amba Sauce

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Modern Food Products Amba Sauce is a fermented mango condiment produced using fresh ripe and green mangoes and an amalgamation of rich spices. Amba Sauce adds the perfect tangy touch to your sandwiches, rolls, frankies, falafel, tacos and knishes. The origin of this sauce is believed to be from Iraqi or Middle Eastern Cuisine.

The Amba sauce also contains a perfect blend of spices such as paprika, turmeric and salt that work as taste enhancers. Tasters also make mention of the heat content in the Modern Food Products Amba Sauce that offers a flash of chilliness but does not burn the buds. Brown sugar in the sauce adds a hint of sweetness. You can serve the Amba Sauce with starter, main course, as topping or side.

Culinary experts suggest adding Amba Sauce in recipes sticking to the right proportion only.

We supply Modern Foods Amba Sauce to different parts of the world in various packaging choices.

Modern Food Products – a food processing company with manifold condiment, pickle and sauce products also supplies food products to Middle Eastern markets, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom (UK) and Malaysia

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  • Product : Amba Sauce - 200 Gms. Multilayer Squeeze Bottle
  • Package Size : 200 Gms. Multilayer Squeeze Bottle
  • Description : Trans Orangish coloured Thick Paste
  • Ingredients : -
  • Bottles Per Carton : 24 Bottles
  • Quantity per 20 FT FCL : 1875 Cartons
  • Private Labelling : Yes
Amba Sauce
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