Chilli Garlic Sauce

Modern Food Products

The flavour some Chilli Garlic Sauce makes your food perfectly spicy with an essence of garlic. In every drop of the Chilli Garlic Sauce, your buds will feel a spiciness kicking in with a mild aroma of the garlic. Chilli Garlic Sauce by Modern Food Products, a hot sauce manufacturer from Gujarat, India can be used as a side to your food or main ingredient while cooking.

You can make a dip for your burgers, sandwiches, or fresh cut veggies by combining Modern Food Products Chilli Garlic Sauce with mayonnaise and lime juice. For extended use, it is recommended to store your bottle or pack of Chilli Garlic Sauce in the refrigerator.

For all sauces, condiments and food items, Modern Food Products, a private labelling company follows unique homegrown recipes that add an authenticity to its taste. The flavors of the Chilli Garlic Sauce are distinct and inviting. We offer Chilli Garlic Sauce in indefinite choices of packaging and sizes based on your requirements.

Modern Food Products – a food processing company with manifold products also supplies food products to Middle Eastern markets, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom (UK) and Malaysia.

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