Green Chilli Paste/Mash

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Green Chilli Paste had a distinct flavour due to its spiciness. Individuals that are Jain are likely to prefer it. Green chilli paste is created by thoroughly washing green chiles, removing the stem, and slicing them into medium pieces. Furthermore, pounding them into a paste with enough lemon juice and salt is commonly used in Curry (Sabji), Pav Bhaji, Kebabs, Rasam, Sambhar, and other dishes.

Green Chilli Paste is a rich source of cancer-prevention chemicals, which helps them work as body janitors. They can protect the body from severe harm, giving you natural invulnerability to malignant growth and also slowing down the ageing process. These essential Indian flavours are beneficial to diabetics. Green chillies have the ability to regulate blood sugar levels.

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  • Product : Green Chilli Paste/Mash - 230 & 270 Kgs Drums
  • Package Size : 230 & 270 Kgs Drums
  • Description : Homogenous Green coloured dense Paste
  • Ingredients : Characteristic Taste and smell of Green Chilli and vinegar
  • Bottles Per Carton : 80 HDPE Drums
  • Quantity per 20 FT FCL : 64(270kgs)+ 16(230kgs) Drums
  • Private Labelling : Yes
Green Chilli Paste/Mash
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