Welcome to the world of Modern Food Products, a company that has been spicing up your culinary preparations for nearly five decades. Offering a plethora of products such as Red Chilli Paste, Hot Sauces, Mango-sliced Pickle and a variety of other Indian Pickles, Modern Food Products is an established name in the world of agro products. By maintaining high precision in taste and the quality of its product, the Company has earned a trustworthy reputation in the Middle Eastern markets including United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, alongwith United Kingdom (UK) and Malaysia.

Why Us

We constantly strive to deliver high-standard products that meet requirements and satisfaction of our clients. To ensure quality products, we, at Modern Food Products, source the highest quality fruits and vegetables from the country's choicest farms and process them at our plant in Gujarat, India.


We, at Modern Food Products, undertake private labelling and packaging for our valued clients. In order that the product survives varying temperature and climatic conditions, all-out efforts are extended to ensure superior quality packaging. This prevents the perishables from decaying and getting contaminated easily.

Research & Development


MFP Research & Development

We believe in constantly increasing the benchmark for quality and are committed to deliver high-quality food products. This makes investment in research and development, inevitable for Modern Food Products. Our focus is on constant innovation in order to improve the product quality and make the manufacturing processes more efficient, thereby, reduce costs as well as human efforts and maximise the yield. That apart, we are equally conscious about the quality of our packaging.

We have a diverse product portfolio and our esteemed clients bear testimony to the popularity and quality standards that we have maintained and improved over the years. At Modern Food Products, we are also working towards strengthening our product portfolio, by adding new and innovative products from time to time.

Our customers accelerate our success and, therefore, we remain committed to implement consumer-driven ideas. This not only helps enhance the quality of the end product but also fortifies our business standards and practices.

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