Red Chilli Pickle/Spackle

Modern Food Products

Cooked with locally produced fresh spicy hot red chillies, this one by Modern Food Products is one of our top-selling products. If by the name you presume it’s an extremely rich preparation, then here is the myth buster - Modern Food Products Red Chilli Pickle along with chillies contain equal proportion of spices, water and acetic acid that balances the spiciness and makes it flavorsome.

The Modern Food Products Red Chilli Pickle is packed and distributed in glass jars only. This is to increase the shelf life of the pickle and not let it stale easily. The Red Chilli Pickle is available in different sizes of packaging.

You can use the Modern Food Products Red Chilli Pickle as a marinade for seafood, ingredient in curries and fries or as the base layer for rolls, pizzas and frankies. We recommend tasting a bit of it to check the spiciness and then decide on the quantity of Red Chilli Pickle you decide to use in your cooking.

We supply, distribute, export and sell the Red Chilli Pickle in Middle Eastern markets, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom (UK) and Malaysia in micro quantity and bulk order as well.

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  • Product : Red Chilli Pickle/Spackle - 300 Gms. Glass Bottle
  • Package Size : 300 Gms. Glass Bottle
  • Description : Main ingredients for Hot Sauce.
  • Ingredients : Red Peppers, Water, Salt, Acetic Acid
  • Bottles Per Carton : 12 Bottles
  • Quantity per 20 FT FCL : 4028 Cartons
  • Private Labelling : Yes
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