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A distillate of fresh rose petals, the Modern Food Products Rose Water is meant for kitchen use only. With just a few drops of the Rose Water, you can add a distinctive aroma in your recipes. This rose water can be used in a range of culinary experiments and recipes but do measure the quantity you put in every time.

You can try the Modern Food Products Rose Water in ice cream, gelato, dessert, cocktail, cakes, pastries, jams, jellies, salads, biriyani, pulav and so on. Coming to taste, this rose- infused water just adds a slight sweetness that your buds will cherish forever. History shows that the use of Rose Water in food and cuisine started in Middle Eastern countries and is now a trend followed across the world.

From regular bottle size to industrial pack – Modern Food Products Rose Water is available in multi-variant packaging such that you can choose based on your purpose and uses.

Located in Vadodara, Gujarat Modern Food Products is a food processing private labeling company with manifold condiment, pickle, and sauce products. Modern Food Products supplies food products to Middle Eastern markets, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom (UK) and Malaysia.

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  • Product : Rose Water - 400 ML Pet Bottle
  • Package Size : 400 ML Pet Bottle
  • Description : Transparent Waterly liquid
  • Ingredients : Rose Water Flavour
  • Bottles Per Carton : 12 Bottles
  • Quantity per 20 FT FCL : 2800 Cartons
  • Private Labelling : Yes
Rose Water
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